Our Mission:
  To foster an appreciation of
Marine City's architectural and
cultural history
in the hope of preserving
our historic structures for ourselves
and future generations to enjoy
and to recognize those who make
contributions to that end.
Historical Society of Marine City
Established 1993                             
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Home Page

Welcome Friends!

We are glad you’re here. It is our sincere hope that you find this site informative and useful.  We are always looking for new members and ask you to consider membership with our organization as you'll find it rewarding and fun.

Originally started in 1993 by Heather Bokram, as the Marine City Historical District Restoration Committee, it is now known as the Historical Society of Marine City (HSMC for short) and is made up by a group of individuals from various backgrounds who share a common interest, a common passion.

Serving Marine City on the Saint Clair River of Southeastern Michigan, together we have created an Endowment Fund, repaired/improved numerous structures and landmarks, instilled a greater sense of community through events/fundraisers, saved our 1884 constructed City Hall from urban renewal and so much more.

Have a look around the site, see the events, the images, the community activities.  There are various projects/events in progress at any given time that you may find interesting and you are encouraged to participate in those that you find stimulating. Again, welcome!

Jim Turner, President
Heather Bokram,

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